Friday, August 22, 2014

Cake Cake Cake!

Owen's birthday was supposed to be at our house with about 20 guests but at the last minute my hubby asked if we could cancel it, because he felt we could put more money into subsequent birthdays instead and just keep it small. 
I had so many decorations already made and was so sad to think of them going to waste. We did a smaller thing at my parent's house so I set a few of them up. I also used them to decorate his room afterwards, so not wasted at all! 
We were planning a pool day too but it rained us out. Nothing really went as I had envisioned, but he got to eat cake and that was what really matters, right?!

We ordered pizza and enjoyed some much needed family time and just let Owen take control of his day. He played and perused all over their house and after we ate, we all went on a nice long walk around the neighborhood. There were lots of thunder clouds that day and it made for the perfect ambiance. It ended up being perfect.

So even though I didn't get to throw him a big first party, he loved it and that is all that matters.

He didn't even care about presents and just wanted to play with the red firetruck my parents have for when the kids come over to play...go figure!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday Owen!

I couldn't possibly sum up the past year in a word, or even a few words. 
This year has been a fast one, whirlwind. 

"How time flies" is really not cliche to say at all because it is true. I feel like I was just folding newborn clothes for the umpteen time, smelling them and then putting them away, over and over. Running my hands over all the things he was gonna use. Sitting in the rocking chair, holding an imaginary baby in my arms, only to be reminded that he was still steadily growing in the cocoon that was my tummy with each of his kicks telling me it wouldn't be too long til it was for real.
 Then home from the hospital... first nursing, first car rides, first bath, first smile, cooing, rolling over, crawling, solids, walking....a blink...and then to now. 
One year later.

 Owen is everything our family needed. He's mellow and compromising, with just enough curiosity to stand his ground in a family of strong personalities. There's a determination in him that's different from his brother. He must know what everything is. He must go where everyone goes. The toy Eli has, well, he must have that too. 

He's loving and sweet. When he hugs he wraps his arms around your neck so tightly and squeezes firmly, intentionally. His smile stops strangers in their tracks, even grumpy ones. There is always a grin. He giggles at things he thinks are funny...and when nothing is funny, he makes it so! His joy for life and his brother, his curiosity and love for anything with a rubber sole makes my heart grow ten times bigger every single day. He's taught me patience and how to slow down, and continually shows me what it means to love. 

Happy 1st Birthday to my Owen. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer Time & a 10 Month Old

Every Monday I have been going down to my parent's house to squeeze in some family time. My mom is in full time nursing school and has a small window of free time. We use this time to see movies in the park near her house or sit in her garage sipping beer and watching the kids play. This was one such night.

I brought Eli's bike down since he has had very little time on one; he can't quite grasp the pedal thing so my dad had to help pull him along a bit. My mom put Owen in her bike seat and rode him numerous times around the block. It was one of those nights where it felt like summer-all wild and free with a warm breeze whipping in your face, sun cresting the horizon and the faint smell of barbecues grilling delicious dinners. In a word...perfect.

Sometimes I can literally feel life speeding up. Every day comes and goes into the next like flipping the pages of a book.
And sometimes life slows down for a minute like when I am with my parents, watching my children enjoy them, with them watching me enjoy my children. It feels like nothing else exists. I highly recommend checking out every great while. It's a time when I truly feel alive.


Weighs 19lbs and is 30% for weight and 70% for height (which I don't remember) His head was 90%!

Took his first steps...but not yet walking. Only three or four at a time. He's there just not confident.

Wears size 3 diapers. Size 12-18 mos clothing...

6 teeth and teething again. Oi!

Loves water. 

Loves watermelon.

Loves his brother and his toys.

Inspects everything with his mouth.

Including shoes! Eew!

Not napping very well these days.

Needs to be held to fall asleep. (a sudden change!)

Sleeps great throughout the night, but so hard to get to sleep and fights

Talks very well already. 

Says brother, mama, dada, hi dada, baba, nun nun (hungry or thirsty or for anything he wants), bubba (sometimes referring to Eli), and ni-ni (for night night) and so many others that I can't quite tell but he says them over and over so I know it is something!

Mama's boy.

Loves to explore.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Owen at 9 Months

Owen is growing faster than I can blog. My absence here has just shown that all I have time for lately is keeping him from knockin' his noggin' and getting into items like shoes (the dirtier the better), toilet paper, small toys in his brother's room, picture frames on my shelves, the dog's water, the vacuum (he's seriously obsessed), the remote control, and anything else that isn't a toy is like a magnet for him.

He's as curious as they come and I knew it at 2 months old when he would pull my plate towards him while he sat in my lap. He needs to know what everything is. I'm so relieved he can entertain himself and is content with figuring things out on his own. Eli was the opposite, always needing my attention and presence...actually nothing has changed there!

But Owen... he has a calm spirit about him. He doesn't need for much. He's simple. The only time he fusses is when he's super tired, teething or hungry. Fix those and he's happy. Easy and happy.

A few other things about Owen at 9 Months:

Standing in Place. Almost walking, but for now, just along furniture and walls. 

Pro Crawler. He chases me down when I vacuum. And he's fast. He always catches me!

Doesn't like blueberries. I find this odd because who doesn't?!

Has very sensitive skin. We don't eat gluten right now in an attempt to see if that will help his eczema.

Says "mama, dada, baba, brother, go, stop, hi dada, and oh chubby." The "oh chubby" is a little thing we always call him and he said it the other day in the same rhythmic tone and everything. 

Still breastfeeding almost exclusively and experimenting with real foods, no more purees.

Has 6 teeth. Four top, two bottom. 

Loves bath time.

Hates his nails clipped. Still.

Loves peek-a-boo.

Hates the car at night. Still.

Loves playing in his brother's room.

Hates being left out.

Loves puppies.

Hates diaper changes.

Loves strawberries.

Hates baby food.

Loves getting into things.

Hates his exersaucer.

Loves being in his Beco Carrier.

Hates his crib.

Loves snacks.

I'm not sure of his weight and height but hoping to find out soon at his next appointment.

He wears 12 month clothing and size 3 diapers. He's pretty average I'd say for his age. I think Eli might have been bigger at this stage. 

And lastly, here are the photos from his 9 month shoot that my friend and photographer did for us. She did my maternity pictures as well. I love them and am so happy she was able to capture my precious growing boy.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Owen 7 Months!

This sweet little love is 7 months old and I am more in awe and in love than I thought possible. The wonderment doesn't dissipate just because this is my second. It kind of all feels like a brand new experience just because everything really is a first with HIM.

We've been so busy lately. This little guy is mobile and Eli is in preschool three days a week, plus spring is coming so I am booked with clients. Busy is good, but busy also makes things feel like they are speeding away from me that much faster.

Owen has this fire in him.
 A desire to be big and go and explore. He wants to know what everything is and his determination will get him to the thing he wants every time.
He also seems to understand so much behind those dark big eyes. He has said "hi" twice now, both times when it was said to him first. It was a jaw drop, "did he just say that?" 

He's very much a happy content little guy almost all the time, something everyone notices and comments on which really makes him such a joy and the crying time taken more seriously when he isn't so happy. 
His favorite thing seems to be whatever his brother has, or wherever he is. They have a bond that makes me wonder how I ever could have only had one child. It's unique and beautiful. Eli is the protective and loving big brother I wanted and imagined for Owen...and Owen thinks Eli is the coolest person on the planet. 
He will crawl from the living room past the kitchen and into Eli's room to be apart of the imaginary play going on in there. And Eli's toys always seem way more desirable than his baby toys...go figure.

I will admit that the newborn phase was easier for me and this phase is kind of hard in the sense that now that he is mobile I cannot trust him to be in the spot that I put him in. So baby proofing and just being nearby more than before has made it hard to get things accomplished. Owen plays really well on his own, only getting fussy when he's tired or hungry, but his inquisitiveness makes him untrustworthy, and even my baby proofing is no match for it. He always seems to find things he shouldn't have and they go straight to his mouth...everything in his mouth. As clean and tidy as I keep it and he found a foil wrapping from a yogurt Eli had eaten. That is the challenge on its own...making sure that Eli keeps his small toys separate from Owen's and he get his trash to the trash. 

But things are going really well and I'm looking forward to seeing his little personality blossom and holding on to this moment at the same time. 

Crawls on all fours.

Sits well.

Eats solids here and there. Loves whole foods in his mesh feeder most and apple sauce.

Two teeth still, getting two more.

Says momma, bobba and hi.

Pulled himself up in his crib (we had to lower it!)

Sleeps through the night.

Takes two naps.

Loves his brother.

Wears 9-12 mos clothing.

Size 3 Diapers.

Not sure how much he weighs yet, guessing almost 18lbs.

Still hates the car at night.

Loves cell phones, remote controls and pretty much anything not for kids.

Gives kisses when asked.

So there you have it! Now maybe I won't wait a month to post! 

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