Monday, August 29, 2011

2nd Camping Trip

 Another camping trip! This time was different because of the looming clouds overhead that much to our surprise decided to let go of all their moisture---it poured! But we just climbed in our tent (Justin had just put the rain fly on the tent right before! Eeek!) and watched it drench, literally flash flood everything. It rained for about an hour heavily and then we climbed out and went on a nature walk to stretch our legs. The sky was breathtaking and we spotted some animals on our walk! (I even caught a lizard! The tiniest one I've ever seen!)It was also nice to have my good friend Marisa and her son Charlie join us for our walk, dinner and of course S'MORES!
Is there anything cuter than a little boy and his daddy?!

After a delightful evening of roasting marshmallows and conversation we decided it was time to turn in...buut I couldn't sleep. I was like princess and the pea feeling the smallest pebble underneath me. Eli must have felt the same "pea" because he woke up in the wee hours full of energy. The excitement was like "yay, mom, dad...we're camping, huh?!!!!!!", as he rolled over us with enthusiasm. But even with my poor nights sleep I still felt fresh in the morning and so did a kid who is at Disneyland!

One of the best ways to wake up and get the morning moving is to walk. We walked all along the campgrounds. One of the biggest challenges with Eli is how active he is. He is never happy about following or holding a hand. Sometimes a tantrum ensues as a result of mom and dad adding rules to the fun. He tends to throw himself on the ground and cry---I just walk over him calmly. I have a smart smart child which is half the issue and probably also that we are entering into toddler hood! Haha
He does great though when he thinks he is walking the dog...a way to keep him leashed but he doesn't know that!

Eli loves fruit...his most favorite ironically being mine...peaches and blueberries---and then his other favorite item...a stick. Of course!
It was a wonderful camping trip and good practice for us as Eli  gets older. We watched birds, fed ground squirrels, and pretended we were on a mountain safari seeking out bears, mountain lions and any other animals that would come to our silly noises that we made for the pure enjoyment of our son. A great way to spend any weekend!


  1. sounds like you guys had fun! wish we lived closer so we could tag along ;)

  2. You are the flippin cutest mom in the whole entire world. Even camping and you are super cute and stylish and pretty! UGH! Goshhhh!! PS, him walking the dog---amazing! haha. I loved everything about this!

  3. Well, thank you. I feel like that when I see your pics! I love that he loves walking dang cute.


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