Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bedtime Stories

From the time that Eli was just a month old we have been reading to him. We include it as part of our nightly routine and it helps us to all unwind, and Eli now LOVES to read. I have never really had any issues with him sleeping, as long as it was with us!  He has slept with us since he was born besides the occasional time I would think "agh, he should at least get some use out of this bassinet." And then he would end up back in bed with us an hour later. I always knew that I would know when the time was right for us to start putting him in there. I should add too that I am a HUGE supporter of co-sleeping because as a breastfeeding mommy, it is easier. And we're not even uncomfortable! But now that he is getting bigger and nursing a little less at night, I feel like it is okay to put him in his crib. For us it has been baby steps to get him there. We start our nightly routine around 8 after bathtime...we read, giggle and play, and then I nurse and rock him to sleep. I know other parents might do it different and I could care less their opinion. This is my blog, my baby. HA! I also know how fast he is growing and that the times I have to snuggle him close and cuddle with him are growing shorter and shorter. I just thought I would share....
Our basket of books that Eli goes through and picks out what he wants to read. We are probably in need of another trip to Barnes and Noble;)

It is his favorite thing to pick books out! He makes the noises in the books if it is an animal or car. I cannot belive how smart he is! Reading is so awesome!

Yes, those are shark slippers...isn't he cute?!

Some nights we read in bed and he falls asleep with us.

Then I move him into his crib where he sleeps on one of our pillows because it makes him think he is in bed with us. He sleeps here for about 4 hours and then I nurse him and put him back until morning. And then we snuggle until it is time to get up. I love this routine and no one's opinion of "you're gonna wish you hadn't" or "he is too big to be in your bed" or you're creating a monster" or "how do you get any sleep with him in there"....I've heard it all and could care less! He is my heart and soul and this lasts for only so long...


  1. have you read "we're going on a bear hunt?" or "are you my mommy?" that's just two we've been reading around our house a lot lately...just in case you want barnes and nobles suggestions ;)

  2. Sweet baby! I love bedtime, it is seriously my favorite time of day, bathtime, giggle time, story time and a cuddly nurse----nothing better!


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