Thursday, August 18, 2011

Camping Trip!

A bouquet of wildflowers

Hill Billy Child Loves the dirt

This past weekend we had our first camping trip since little Eli. We went with my cousin and his family to a campsite in Big Bear right across from the lake called the Serrano campground. Being that my husband only has a couple days off a week we could only camp one night...which was not enough, let me say! Packed the cooler, loaded the truck with camping gear and we were ready! (Or mostly..doesn't it seem like something is always forgotten?!) But for one night it was no stress if we left something behind. After camp was set up we went and found a spot at the water which was so serene and peaceful. No other people were nearby; it was just us, the breeze and the slap of the lake against the shore. What more could we need?!

Feeding a momma and her ducklings

Filling up the kayak (it's inflatable which makes it nice for storing it!)

Later that evening we enjoyed some conversation by the campfire and made smores, (of course!) Camping always makes me want to go to bed early and wake up early, which is what we tried to do but it was just so nice enjoying each other. I put Eli down for bed and we watched a movie in our tent. The sound of the crackling fire, grasshoppers and frogs was the sound we fell asleep to... BLISS!

The unfortunate part of the trip was when our family had to leave because their 3 month old became more sick and congested. So, instead of early morning fishing as planned..we slept in a little til 6:45(ha!) The sound of birds chirping was my alarm clock! We enjoyed a breakfast of oatmeal and coffee, walked along the campgrounds, then to the lake...and then packed ourselves up.  I love camping. I had forgotten how much it had been so long!

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