Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Day at Our Timeshare

In 2007, Justin and I got an offer to do a tour down at the Lawrence Welk Resort in Escondido in exchange for free flight tickets. What could it harm? We had the mindset that no one could talk us into buying anything, we are just gonna do a 90 minute tour and get those tickets....90 minutes and two glasses of champagne later we walked out owners! (Their marketing is amazing!) haha.
I'll admit that in the four years we've owned it we haven't put it to use as much as I'd like. But now with our little guy loving the water so much we have been making a point to go. This time we visited the one in Palm Springs (we can use any Lawrence Welk). Here are some pictures of our day...
My boys are so dang cute! Justin works a lot and it isn't often we get to do these family trips. I let daddy take advantage of the time he has with his son and the joy I feel watching them bond overwhelms me sometimes.

Only 100 degrees out...stay hydrated Eli! We stayed in the shade if we weren't in the pool. I am such a mountain girl that those temps melt me! And today was a cooler day there!

I feel like he looks so grown up here. Sometimes I look at him and wonder "How will you look when you get older?!" But in this picture I can see it! I know every mom feels that there baby is beyond I am sure I am biased when I say he is SO handsome to me!

13 Months and still nursing...when I am in a bikini he thinks that they are just there for him at his leisure. Quite a challenge keeping him from flashing them to everyone! LOL

We went inside to the Rec Room to get some cooler air and he found the Jenga box and puzzles.

He wouldn't stay on the steps. He is a brave one!

He was doing so good holding his breath and this face was pretty often when dad was holding him. (We dunked him a few times and he did great!)

No words. This melts my heart.

Justin is a great swimmer and I think our boy will be one too one day.

Eli looks a little displeased because to take this picture he had to stop the "pool play", haha.

Each month we pour money into our timeshare and say "Is this really worth it?" And then we go visit like we have been this past week...and have to say, "yes, yes it is."

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