Saturday, August 6, 2011


Growing up I was never an animal person. I always avoided people's pets and eyed them suspiciously from a distance. Being a clean freak I just didn't understand "pets". That is until I felt the need to love and mother something without really being a mother yet. A year after Justin and I met I asked him for a puppy. One night when after I came home from work he asked me to clean the mess I had left on the chair---had I left a mess? I can't rememeber? With tears in my eyes from his being so mean to me I proceded to clean up...and underneath the mess of clothes was----a PUPPY! I picked him up and cried "Is he mine?" I named him Sam.
He was the worst dog in the world. Chewed everything, peed on everything, ran in circles like a jumping bunny...and then would tire himself out and fall asleep exhausted in your lap. I made the mistake of loving him too much and let him run me. I didn't know how to "fix" this dog and no amount of Caesar Milan was gonna help him! After a couple years we decided to add to the chaos and get another dog, maybe to help our rambunctious Sam.---Jerry. The best dog in the world. When we got him he was following his mother's bobbas and we thought that is -what we need a follower!
First night together

They became best friends quickly

Sweet pup

Crazy Sam was in his element when he was swimming.
So tiny!

Jerry never was the "terror" that Sam was. In fact, perfect manners. He loves in his own way, whereas with Sam he would crawl in your lap to get affection. Jerry loved Sam so much and followed him everywhere. If we were at the lake he waited on the shore for him "hunting" him and staying as low to the ground as possible...with Sam in the water chasing dragonflies completely oblivious to the bullseye on his head. They completed eachother. Last year when I was 8 months pregnant Sam got sick and wasn't himself. He went into his dog house and I instantly knew he was going in there to die. I pulled him out and laid him on my lap..he let out a breath...the last one. I tried CPR but it was no use. I think he ate a bone and it lodged itself and couldn't pass. But Jerry's best friend was gone. I cried for him. I cried for myself. I miss him. Jerry was mopey for a few weeks but we did our best to keep him happy. Then the baby came. And it is difficult to give attention to a pet when there is a new little one that needs care around the clock. But Jerry, best doggie that he is, doesn't need much...just that pat on his head and occasional walk and he is happy. But lately he has wanted to get out a lot. And he got out yesterday, maybe on the scent of a female. I worry because he was spotted pretty far from home. I keep saying that if we just get him home safe I will give him more bones, walks and love. Life is like that don't you think???--- Don't you find yourself praying when things go wrong..."I promise this won't be the only time we talk, God." We always want a mulligan. But if Jerry does come back, I will treat him better and give him the home he had before the baby was here.

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