Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Scrapbook Evening

Tonight I held my a scrapbook gathering after not having one for quite some time. I cleaned the house, mowed the grass, and prepared some food. I made Turkey Pita Sandwiches, hummus and pita chips and a fresh fruit salad. I hadn't expected more than about 3 guests since mostly everyone found one reason or another why they couldn't come. Why does that always happen?!?! It was still enjoyable and relaxing though. We made a cute card from a new collection and then just chatted. I love doing these, but always struggle to get people to come. Maybe because they feel too much pressure or think they are not crafty? I don't know. For me it is an excuse to spend an hour with friends and be creative. I guess I find cutting and pasting paper together very stress relieving, haha!  Hopefully  my next one will turn out better. ---This is the cute card we made.

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