Wednesday, August 31, 2011

One of Those Days

Today was one of those days. Well, it started out so well! I had breakfast made the night before, chores done and I had plans to go shopping...what could go wrong?! I get half way down the mountain when I hear a loud "bump". I pulled over thinking that some kid maybe threw something at our truck? Nope...hmmm. Get back in, and a little ways down I realize a window is down that I had not had down....and it won't go back up. The dang window came off its tracks! SO back up the mountain I go, because how can I leave my window down and in a parking lot and guarantee I will come back to a stereo, carseat, ipod, etc...or even truck?! But fortunately this story ends well...My highschool friend and her husband own an auto repair business and we take our vehicles to them because they are so accommodating and always fix things well. He got the window up (rigged for the moment) and new part ordered (which is not cheap btw...eek, Ford sure does know how to make money!) And I went on to get my shopping craving out.
Today was chillier than previous days and I worried I had nothing warm for Eli. Not much, but some to get him started. And I find it rather annoying that onesies only go up to 24mos and shrink awful small. Don't they have a clue about the "diaper ditch" phase and how onesies are uber necessary???
Beyond that part of our day, was some play time with Eli...and the pics are just too cute not to include.
I set up this tunnel for him and he entertained himself for quite some time.

 And when I have a long day, I like to unwind in a clean house. Being that I am a super clean freak who most likely suffers from OCD (really)...I end it cleaning. I usually start in Eli's room so that we wake up refreshed and ready for the morning. Messiness makes me feel chaotic.
His "baby" room is turning into a big boy room little by little.
I moved my rocker out so he could have more floor space.

This room started out so empty, little did I know how over full it would become!


  1. has a tiny room, in our tiny apartment! what will i do when he's as old as eli?!

  2. Pull your hair out, lol. No, you will have to just rotate toys and store the others away.


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