Friday, August 26, 2011

Owl Hunting

Every night for the past week Justin and I have been going to bed with the sound of an owl "hooting". To me it is the loveliest sound in the night! My love of birds runs deep; you might say obsessed actually. I am one of those that wouldn't mind spending a Saturday with a pair of binoculars looking for bluebirds. I know all their names too! Ha, maybe a little nerdy, but I love nature...especially birds. They are so graceful and beautiful. SO tonight Justin said we should go looking for the owl...but then we realized, we have a sleeping baby that we can't just leave...oh that. We took turns with the flash light looking for the owl...which I didn't see, but heard clearly in the tallest tree in our neighborhood. Good spot Owl! Hopefully one of these nights I actually get to see him...but for now the gentle "hooo, hooo, hoot" will have to suffice.


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