Monday, August 22, 2011

Shave and a Haircut---Two Bits!!!

Eli had his second hair cut today along with daddy. The first one they gave him an awesome certificate and a lock of his hair, perfect baby box keepsake. And his hair had gotten kind of long and started matting up in the back after he would wake to the Barber! The Barber, Big Nick, sat him up in a chair like a big boy and asked that we just stay back so he wouldn't want to reach out for us...making a boy's cut into a buzz...I listened, haha. He did really well as long as we had some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for him to watch via my phone. It just reminds me how big a boy he is becoming and that there will be MANY more trips to the barber in the future.

Today we also made Eli's carseat face forward. I hadn't wanted to for a long time yet, but his feet were smashed up against the seat. He loves the car now!


  1. uhh i WISH we could turn L's around already! he seriously despises the car :(

  2. It’s so hard to find a good cut for curly hair.when i cut my baby hair.but in here it looks like you guys had a wonderful enjoy the hair cut.Go ahead..


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