Thursday, September 8, 2011

10 Little Things

My previous post pretty much summed up how much I am in love with my hubby. But I thought that I would share just ten things (yes, ten...otherwise it would be too long) that make him...him. And the things that I love too.

1)Sometimes we'll be watching tv together on the couch, I am lost in the show...and he will be staring at me. I instantly get shy and want to know "what?"---He would say, "oh nothing, you're just gorgeous, that's all"...isn't that what melts every wives heart?

2) Each time we clean a portion of our home that has been his previous "man cave" we end up with another it a "junk drawer" or just another location he's a losing battle. Haha

3)He loves Craigslist. He loves a good deal. He will browse for something he wants for MONTHS before finding the perfect deal.

4)Cookies never last more than the first day in our house. Oddly enough, I never see him eating maybe there is a ghost.

5)I am always surprised (and thankful) when he takes Eli and changes his diaper/clothes when he needs it. I've never really had to ask...the first week after Eli was born I hadn't changed one diaper!

6)He is very charismatic. I don't think he has ever had a problem making friends or taking a dull room and making it lively.

7)The television is usually set to surround sound whenever he is watching it. He can't watch a show without it...and it is always up super loud as if he is trying to make it as realistic as possible:)

8)We share a love for the great outdoors. His extends to anything outdoorsy. Dirt bikes, hiking, snowboarding, offroading, bicycles, bird watching...he loves it all.

9)He can work 21 days straight with barely any sleep each night...poor lunches and leaky boots, heat waves, tent sleeping with a crappy pillow, but when he gets sick...he turns into the saddest man ever. I guess that may apply to most men???

10)He takes initiative. We were driving in a quiet neighborhood in Big Bear a few weeks ago after camping and an old woman (80 years old) was moving a refrigerator by herself down some stairs...and I hadn't noticed her...but he stops the truck, gets out and helps her move it down the stairs, down a path and into her garage. I sat completely dumbfounded at how polite and old-fashioned my husband is. After all the time we have spent together he still opens the truck door for me; after grocery shopping he unloads the groceries for me; and when I wash the sheets for the bed...he takes them from me and puts them on....little things.
They always seem little when you are thinking of them individually. The little quirks that make up a person, the person you love....their habits, hobbies and personality traits....all add up.

Four Years have passed since I stood on a mountain top 10,000 feet up after hiking 2 miles (one way) to say "I Do" to the person I love. Our family gathered on boulders around us as we said our own written vows to each other. I put the ring on the wrong hand...we all laughed. The sun began to set around us. I changed out of my high heels and put on flip flops suitable for a long walk. We walked hand and hand, stopping every so often for a kiss and a "we are really married!" chat. Sometimes I wish I could relive it all again, but I love those memories and one day hope to share this story with our children.

The pictures of our wedding...


  1. bummer you guys are apart right now but it looks like he's got some good stuff comin' his way when he gets home! ;)


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