Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 Years

I was just thinking that  ten years have passed since those planes hit the towers that fateful day, (leading to everything that occured thereafter)...and most people know just where they were that day. I know I will never forget, but what is so crazy is to think that my son, Eli, will only know these events through a history book...just like my parents parents know of Pearl Harbor first hand but I have only ever read about it. Still we never forget and should always keep a place in our hearts for those that have been lost and those families that have been affected first hand.

And I felt this song may be appropriate for today:)


  1. i remember i was with crystal weiland on my way to school, and we watched it on tv when we stopped for coffee. crazy how that image will be a snapshot in our memories forever.

  2. I was in first period cooking...and I remember we all thought it was an accident, until the second plane. I remember feeling very worried and scared. Never forget.

  3. Well, my dear daughter, we would have to be in our 80's or 90's to remember Pearl Harbor first hand, but I know what you meant. I will never forget that aweful day of 9/11 either. It is forever etched in my memory.

  4. Youre a dork mom. No typo there. I said 'parents parents' which is accurate.


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