Friday, September 9, 2011


Sleeping babe at 7:30 pm? I'll take it! That should be the que that it is time for me to crawl in bed shortly after, but really...I can't shut my brain off that early! Should I browse the internet for an hour? Catch up on laundry? Paint my toes? All three? When you're a mommy night time has a certain deliciousness to it....Half my day I am chasing after Eli..keeping him from getting into the salad dressing every time I accidentally leave the fridge ajar, or following behind cleaning up toys so my house doesn't turn into a day care....the other half..the night half...I am catching up on me time. Tonight I whitened my teeth (ouch) and gave myself a facial...washed some laundry I have been putting off, straightened the house and drank a mug of tea...blueberry tea..mmm. Only 8pm? I got time to kill...what to do? I think instead I may actually go to bed early....aahhh.

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  1. jealous!! last night L went to bed at 11pm and I felt lucky :)


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