Saturday, September 17, 2011

Big Bear Stroll

Today we went on a little trip to Big Bear with Marisa and her son, Charlie who is 10 months and walked the lake trail. Marisa's husband works with my husband and so we find it convenient (plus we like each other, haha) to spend the lonely days together while our husbands are away. She shares the same hobbies as me (photography, scrap booking, nature, chocolate...or anything sweet for that matter) and we also share the same birthday!
It was a long walk. From the road it appears to be shorter, but I think it ended up being a couple miles one way! We walked along the scenic trail and ended up at the discovery center which has lots of nature type souvenirs, books and toys for lil ones. She asked "should we eat before?" To which I replied, "nah, we'll get something after." Well, we should have! We were starving afterwards and stopped into a coffee shop called The Copper Q which is amazing! We each got two different kinds of quiche (mine spinach and hers bacon) and I also got this decadent looking cupcake...a macadamia nut and coconut one. Mmmm. The little ones were getting antsy and tired from the long stroller ride, car ride, being made to be patient while we ate our we headed home!
Upon getting home I started to feel ill. Was it the quiche or the cupcake? Or both? UGH! A slight dose of food poisoning, I think. I pulled it together and was able to order some Domino's Pizza (because honestly who wants to cook on a Saturday?!?!?) But my ordinary routines were put to the way side since I spent the rest of the night on the couch. :/ Still today was quite enjoyable and a nature walk was just what I needed!

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  1. beautiful pictures ! i love being in the mountains and was up there today in the village with my mom. :]


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