Thursday, September 1, 2011

Family Time

Since my parents have purchased their own home and are in escrow...and are moving off the mountain, I feel this need to spend a lot of time with them now. It's not like they are moving far, just that it won't be as convenient as hopping in the truck and ---bam, there. Eli loves his grandma and grandpa so much. But he also loves getting into everything they have too! No naps today meant he was a little crabby, but all he wanted to do was play! He played and played. Grandma would try to pick him up and he would squirm out of her arms to go back to what he was doing.
I also enjoy being at my mommy's because it is a welcome break from my routine...and she feeds me! Haha...I always go there hungry, dig in her fridge and lounge on the couch.

Notice Eli's tired face from no nap and crying?

Bathing Eli and LeiAna. SO cute!

I made this plate when I was 9 and I eat on it every time I am at my parents:)
He loves puppies:)

I never throw him in the air, this was the first time really. He loved it!

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  1. ohh i never throw lincoln either...except a liiiittle bit lately. it's so fun ;)


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