Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I have few friends. I certainly am selective! But when I find a friend that I connect with, I am loyal and do whatever it takes to make that friendship grow. Recently, my friend Annie's dad passed away. Being that she lives in Texas, she had to make the last minute flight here to be with family. She asked that I let her borrow some kid essentials to make her stay more "homelike" and of course I obliged. Our boys are only 3 weeks apart and we shared our pregnancies together, that first year watching them grow..and we text almost daily. Before I was cool and had a cell phone, we would write letters...really really long letters---about baby poop, and spit-up, sleepless nights and over full boobs from nursing. It was/is a lifeline to someone who knows what these mommy experiences are like...someone to confide in and seek friendship at the end of a long day.

We barely see each other or each other's babies...so while she is grieving, and I am hurting for her loss...I also feel very blessed to see her and little Jackson. Our babies playing together is the cutest thing too! They can do so much together now! ( For all my other friends, I have not forgot about you...thank you to you! This post was just about one in particular who has needed me)
Tell me this isn't the cutest pic?!
In a previous blog I told of this tricycle I bought at a yard sale...already getting good use!
Eli was eager to "show" him, but he didn't need it..hehe
I'm amazed...that we watched our bellies grow together and now this. Adorable!

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  1. so fun to have a play date with someone your baby likes AND that you like!


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