Friday, September 23, 2011

Hodge Podge

Two hours to myself with friends is bliss. Tonight I went to Marisa's house...a few days ago we went to Big Bear...and she put on a scrapbook gathering like I did. It was nice to eat yummy food ( she made artichoke dip, bacon quiche, grilled chicken salad and for dessert, no bake Oreo cheesecake, YUM!) and to spend time with some adults. We made another cute card and perused through the Idea Book. I love this hobby but it is like being in a candy store--I want everything!

Earlier in the day, we just relaxed and took care of some business around here. I went to the village and met another girlfriend (Amanda and her son Justin who is 4). I grew up with her and she practically knows everything about it was nice to see her after such a long time.

We had lots of play time outside watching Eli play with his tricycle with daddy (have I said how nice it is he is home? oh yeah, last blog) And I know the pic I am posting with this is personal..but I am proud to still be nursing our son...just funny that he now does it in this way. So today was a Hodge podge?-yes, I think so. A delightful one.
Fixing the tricycle with dad
He likes to nurse with his hand in the other side. You can't see in the pic, but I am on my phone and that is usually how I pass the time while he gets things


  1. yeeea nursing pictures! love them...i have a few myself and i love them :)

  2. we never took any nursing pictures because i had a hard time with that and probably always looked like i was in pain ! (because i was lol) but i have a cute one of him right after he finished and fell asleep with a smile on his face. :] also, my hubby thought it'd be "cute" to take one of me asleep after nursing and i still had my shirt up, huge boobs spilling out of my bra and my head thrown back with my mouth wide open !! it wasn't funny then, but it is now to remember how exhausting it was the first couple of weeks. :]

  3. I have some like that Jamie, lol. Those first few weeks are exhausting!

  4. My husband always takes booby pictures of me…haha, I don't even think he notices anymore, he just goes, "oh look how cute our son is!" Ummm, hi, that's my boob right there, see? That picture looks so familiar to me..haha, that other hand just has to make sure the other boob's still there.


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