Thursday, September 22, 2011

Home Sweet Home

The last few weeks have been rough off and on since it's been a one parent household here with my hubby being in Texas fighting fire. Thank goodness for technology being able to close the gap a little, but nothing can replace having him back and the way our family feels complete with his presence. I even think it has been rough on Eli not really knowing where daddy has been. His sleeping schedule has been totally messed up with naps being at odd times, if at all. I keep thinking maybe teething again since there has been a slight fever the last few days, but maybe he just missed his daddy? So I am prescribing him lots of hugs and play time with daddy for the next few days...and hopefully we will see an improvement!
Right when Justin came through the door (not a moment too soon! I had spent the last few days preparing the house spotless, made sure to do my hair pretty and nails....let's face it he won't notice, but I will) he picked Eli up (who had been crying and disputing nap time) and instantly the crying stopped.
It's hard not to get antsy that he is home and want to catch up and go and do things, but he had been working really long hours and just wanted to sleep. He slept for five hours and it sounded like he was cutting down trees in his sleep. Eli made up his mind that no naps would take place today even though I tried everything including a long 45 minute drive in the car. Today was a perfect camera day since there were lots of thunder clouds in the sky, so I took advantage of the beautiful sky line and hoped that he would fall luck.

This is what defiance looks like

One good thing about no naps and Justin being home is that there is no agenda. I didn't care if Eli fell asleep at 6 or 9 or what we ate for dinner...just spending time and catching up as a family was the only thing of importance. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder!


  1. glad justin is home with you finally! and ohhh you have a good camera! mine is so crappy and so old - totally jealous!

  2. that must be really hard, especially with eli not understanding what's going on. my hubby had to work in vegas for 6 months while i was pregnant so i know a little bit about feeling alone but not with a toddler !!! i'm sure you fill in most of the gap while he's gone with extra love and attention. :]

  3. lol we posted at the SAME exact time. how funny !

  4. I got my camera on eBay. I have a Canon XSI and I'm obsessed with it...check out eBay!!! And yes, so blessed he is home safe...but six months, geeze! That is funny you two posted at the same time!

  5. YAY for Daddys!!!!! He probably just missed him! It will all get easier now! I want your camera too..well, actually we have a brand new really nice one but I can not freaking get it to take a decent picture…I'm lame.


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