Saturday, September 10, 2011

I'm Not Retiring These Flip Flops...yet

I've got my heels dug in when it comes to colder weather. I love my flip flops, tank tops, the little (little) garden I have tried to create and spent half the summer watering to keep alive, the fact that I can let my dog in and out whenever and not worry about all the "wet" paw prints he may or may not leave behind, the wonderful bbq meals that taste delicious and never leave my kitchen messy, actually driving around a clean vehicle for once...yeah, those things.
But when the temperatures drop, clouds loom in and I find and kill about 3 spiders in one of them being so big he needed to knock and leave his shoes at the door, I am reminded that cooler weather is on its way. I never used to squish spiders...I relocated. But now that I am a momma everything, everyone is a threat. I look at spiders as if they are multiplying before my very eyes...and quickly run to get the nearest shoe or magazine. SQUISH!
As if these two things aren't enough to remind me that fall and inevitably winter are coming...Eli has a cold. Break out the vaporizer, meds, vick's rub, nose sucker (kids have so much stuff!) and let the pillow propping begin. I'll sleep with one eye open to make sure that chest of his is rising and falling...dose him with meds and suck the nose in the middle of the night and he'll wake up as though nothing happened as if to say, "why are you so tired, mom?"

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