Saturday, September 24, 2011

I've Been Good Too!

For all Justin's hard work the last three weeks he felt it necessary to buy himself an RC Car...really? Do you even know how expensive those things are?! He spent like $300 on this remote control car (that I will admit is pretty cool) and is now since obsessed with it. The whole night that thing zooming all over the place and him getting giddy to take Eli out to play with it. (Which really was the most adorable thing ever to see our son's face light up at the sight of it!)

I am however gearing myself for the list of things I have been wanting. After all I worked hard too while he was gone!
I want this Sutton Signature Slim Wallet..aahh, it matches my purse. I wouldn't mind this watch. I haven't had one since high school.
This makeup. I can't get enough eye makeup. I wear eyeshadow to the grocery store. Really.
I drool at the thought of this. Do you know the things I could make?!
And I will always love Uggs since I live in the mountains, but these are kind of a stylish move forward..really I want the fur, but I would look so cute in these. Okay, honey..I hope you read this because my birthday and Christmas are coming soon! haha


  1. Yea for working husbands (and non-grocery store make up :)!!

  2. i second the yay for working husbands and stay-at-home moms ! :]


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