Friday, September 30, 2011

Just some thoughts

Ever wonder how as a mom and wife (if you are) you are able to fit so many things in one week or a day for that matter?
 For me, I don't entirely realize it until the end of the day when I put my aching feet up as I'm pulling toys out from behind my back as I sit on the couch to sort of relax. I never really sit on the couch for more than a few minutes during a whole day!(Mind is always racing...organize the linen closet, clean the refrigerator, switch over the laundry, feed and play with Eli, make that phone call I have been procrastinating all week, thaw out meat for dinner, fill the dog's water bowl, clean up the crunched pile of crackers that Eli just pummeled with his fists (why did I give those to him, I knew they'd make a mess?!), go pee, water the grass, play with Eli, mop the floors, vacuum, switch over the laundry, let the dog out, clean the toys up for the fiftieth time....really my mind and chores never stop.
So wouldn't it be that the simpler things that normal people (non-parents) take for granted are the things that give me such joy at the end of a long a hot cup of blueberry tea. I love these tea pots... Or those five minutes that I get to spend sitting in the sun watching Eli play before I tackle my next "project". I have to remember to slow myself down sometimes...I get going and almost can't stop!
And like the two hours I get to spend with some friends who also have days like mine and we share "stories" about our lives, finding lots of parallels, which of course is always comforting. Today I shared something with a friend that just made me laugh so hard. We were talking about how intimacy in a marriage changes drastically after having a baby and the lengths that men go to get it. We joked that they don't know how to read the "signs" of when we are "didn't he notice I shaved my legs today and wore my nice panties?" Or "the pillow barrier in the bed was moved and he didn't even notice!" "I put the baby down for bed a whole hour earlier and he wasted it doing other things while I waited"...but most women know that men have their own "schedule" for intimacy and it differs entirely from a woman's! It's amazing that men get it right ever...haha.
And this topic got me to thinking about love languages . I really believe in them. If we (men and women) became well versed in our mates love language wouldn't it be so much easier?! Mine is acts of service. I have to say that when Justin comes home and does something nice for me like picking up around the house or switching over the laundry (without being asked is the key)....I melt. Justin's love language is physical touch. He loves a hug or a hand to be held..he needs the reassurance that I love him...more than just hearing it.
And isn't it (at least for me) harder to notice these languages when kept so busy in a day? No wonder things change after having a baby. The expectations change. But I also believe that the love grows...just gets rerouted to the new addition. And it will always be that men are simple and women not so much. If we just understand that very phenomenon then maybe the expectations wouldn't be so high. Just a thought.

 And this video is so cute. I know I sounded mean, but I was actually just trying not to laugh!
He went in and got dad's new RC car out of the closet when we weren't looking. He almost cried when he realized we were upset! SO sweet!

Update: Eli is definitely teething again. He has 13 and 14 right there, I can see and feel the tips of them. This kid is gonna need braces like me if he keeps getting teeth at this rate. (Let's hope he inherits Justin's side of the family..with their perfect teeth!) Also, he is in his crib. I don't know what happened or changed in me to want him to be in there..maybe he just started to get squirmy or I just felt like it is gonna be harder later, but he is in there and doing amazing. Goodness, he is so big...tear.


  1. boys will be boys! but isn't it fun to be obvious sometimes? ;)

  2. I'm never obvious… my only line of communication in that area is when my shower lasts more than 5 minutes and he realizes I am shaving…HAHA. Seriously.. Yay for big boys being in their cribs! Still jealous he is in there for naps though! J wants to nurse through his whole nap…swiiiitch!

  3. LOL sooo true! u 4got the, buut i wasnt wearing sweats and a big t-shirt 2nite, i actually wore the sex pants ;) i had a blast seeing u, if only we could have gotten more time


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