Monday, September 19, 2011

My baby

1 week old

He loves this block train set and his new dump truck.

Today I just had some overwhelming emotion when it came to watching my [baby] did he get so smart, so big? So fast? Everyone tells you how fast things go.."make sure to take lots of pictures"..."you'll blink and before you know it, he's grown"..."doesn't it feel like yesterday you were feeling those flutters in your tummy and here he is!"...but can anyone really prepare a parent for it? No. He can say so many different words-"GO, Jerry, Thank you, I love you, momma, dadda, hungry, this, ball, car, turtle, puppy, bath"....there's a lot that comes out as sounding like one thing, but I know what he means-I'm his momma after all. I speak baby. And his coordination, amazing. For months you are right there making sure your baby can't fall over, wobble and you're right there to catch them. Now he just zooms by on his Radio Flyer Bumper Car...on and off, over and over. out. He climbs those too. IS there anything my baby can't do? I'm not prepared for more. I'm not ready for him to not be called a baby. I don't have a toddler. I have a baby...well, sort of. But when I see him doing all the things he is doing and how he can reason, communicate and everyday is something new or he gets a little better at something than the day heart sinks. Life is so fleeting, so unforgiving. The moments we live everyday are individual; we can never get those same ones back. I have been taking more breaks to be silly, get on the floor...mess my hair up blowing raspberries on his tummy, putting aside the remote to read books and sort through puzzles, enjoying a stroll with him running ahead of me, anything to breath these moments in that I can't get back.


  1. very well said !!! :] it still amazes me brett is 2 1/2 already. i miss him being small and being able to cuddle with him because now he doesn't like it unless he has an owie and wants comfort. then again, i do love to watch him change and learn new things every day. on the days when he is cranky and loud, i wish he could be back in my tummy where he was quiet and i could enjoy every minute... but when he hugs me and says "i wuv you !" it's the best feeling ever !! :]

  2. Aaah, Sigh...yes, you know all to well then!

  3. uhm, your hair is GORGEOUS! can we trade for 2 seconds?

  4. Seriously, you are SO freaking beautiful! Like, ohmygoshwow! Ugh! I know how you feel, I don't see baby when I look at my baby anymore :( Not when he can tell me anything, and practically DO anything! It's just so so soooo fast! PS, we miss the radio flyer! haha


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