Monday, September 12, 2011

Old Photographs

I was inspired by a friend's blog (Jen) to dig out some old photos and share. When Eli was born we couldn't get over his beautiful skin tone, eyes, lips..everything! I was like "really, my baby is beautiful." In the beginning and here and there I am told how much he looks like me and other times how much he looks like daddy. I guess it goes back and forth. But when Eli was a bit younger if you had seen a picture of my dad ( I have a step dad who raised me since my biological dad was absent mostly)when he was a baby you couldn't tell the difference really. I am amazed at family genes and how strong they can be!

My Real Dad when he was a baby
Eli at around 4 mos, notice the resemblance with my dad? Weird.
Me-First time walking around 9 or 10 mos?

I found a picture where Eli resemebles Justin too! This is Justin at 13 mos.

Looking at these photos you can see how he would look like both of us at different times. Proven. He's ours for sure.

While writing this blog, Eli woke up in a complete panic. A cry I have NEVER heard before. It was like he didn't recognize me or know where he was. I couldn't console him. I took his clothes off, diaper off, tried to nurse him...I got in the bath tub with him..It took about 15 minutes for him to regain where he was and finally get himself back to sleep. I still don't know what was wrong..maybe a bad dream or a tummy ache? My baby is so precious to me. I just felt so helpless and almost called my mom. I wouldn't even know what to do without my precious baby boy. And tonight a mother is worried sick about hers. There is a missing boy in our area that wandered off while he was at school. He is in my thoughts and prayers as well as his mother. And as I kissed Eli tonight, I gave an extra kiss and hug for Joshua Robb only 8 years old...somewhere alone. Lord watch over your child and bring him home safely to his family...please.


  1. Oh my gosh those pictures are so awesome - your dad and Eli look soo much alike!! I wish I had old pictures of my dad (that weren't on slides lol)!


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