Friday, September 16, 2011

Pearly Whites or Pearly Fights?

Getting Eli to brush his pearly whites is proving harder and harder these days. He knows when that long handled thing with the bristles at the end is headed his way and decidedly clamps down as tight as he can. It is a fight! But with twelve teeth (yes, twelve!..8 teeth and four molars!)...he needs them brushed often. We have tons of tooth brushing methods we have tried. Song and dance, making him giggle, letting him do it himself, different tooth brushes for him to change it up, even holding him down when we are desperate to keep his pearly whites..white. So yesterday, I got him a new one with softer bristles, read up on some more tips to make this event more enjoyable for him (and me) and so we are trying it out. It went better. But still I am pretty sure my kid is gonna hate the dentist. :(

We had two more tooth brushes besides this too, that have gathered dust from his lack of use of them. It almost seems like we were collecting them, but it was just my futile attempts to get one of them to work!


  1. I have to say...all this teething business over here isn't fun but at least we don't have to try and brush baby teeth. yikes!

  2. i hope you don't mind me peeking at your blog.. it's so fun to see what other mothers go through ! i just wanted to put in my two cents in case it helps.... my son doesn't especially like having his teeth brushed, either, but he seems to like the children's electric tooth brushes a little more and will open up for them. :] i guess the vibration feeling makes it more like a toy ?

  3. Not at all! We can all be friends:) I definitely will try that! I guess I need to make it more fun.


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