Monday, September 5, 2011

Saturday Birthday Party

So I have been too exhausted to post my blogs, but I hate when I fall behind because the OCD in me wants order! LOL
On Saturday we had a rather busy day with yard saling where I got some steals. I bought a tricycle for ($10), a really nice neoprene life vest for Eli ($10) and a fun little basketball hoop toy that lights up with songs and learning jingles ($3)...I have always called garage sales---garbage sales-but this one proved to be promising and since kids toys are so expensive and last them such a short time before they outgrow them...I think I may do them more.

We also went to a friend's little boy's 1st birthday party. Eli ran around and made it his goal to collect every stick and rock he could find. How to fun to watch another mommy and daddy experience their baby getting bigger and (I didn't mind the food) of the best parts about parties!
Gavin and Ashl

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