Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Some me time

In 15 mos (well, almost) I have only had one date night with my husband. Think it is time? Um, yeah. We have an agreement that he gets Tuesday nights to himself and I get Wednesday nights...it has yet to really go into full effect because it seems like he is either working late or on an assignment. Tonight he went to a race track in San Bernardino with some other guys to race his new RC car. That dang RC car again. I love being a stay at home mom, a decision both of us made before we were pregnant. I only worked a couple days a week after Eli was 3 mos old ( I took my leave at 33 weeks and then later went back part time)..and that was a moment to myself..but I didn't enjoy it immensely like some women. I wanted to be home and those hours away were misery. But now that Eli is older and crazy...(I don't want to go back to work...that is not where this is going) I am ready for some mommy time a little bit. Just maybe a couple hours a week, where I can feel human or like a woman and not a mom. I do little things for myself at the end of the night like paint my toes or watch tv...but I am constantly waiting for a cry or being interrupted to put him back to sleep. And I haven't been to a movie since I was pregnant. I want to go to a movie. I think I am gonna make that a goal this week. I just need to line up a babysitter...or rather grandma sitter since no one watches Eli but me or her. Hmm..what is playing, I don't even know!


  1. oh how i know the feeling !!! it's been 2.5 years for me and we just barely started going to movies again earlier this year. bud's mom is the only one who watches brett (she's free and doesn't work !), so i know how difficult it is to make plans around you and the one babysitter you have. :] you have to make more time for yourself whether it be just getting out of the house alone to go walk around the village or to go shopping for a few hours. i have had times where i've gone nuts being with brett 24/7 (especially lately with the terrible two's !). it's nice to walk around target by myself and look at anything and everything because i don't have a toddler with me who is anxious to get out of the cart or who wants to touch everything so you avoid going to some areas of the store. once brett is finally down for the night and i know he's not going to get up again to play with his fans or nightlight, i instantly relax and don't want to go to bed and waste my "me" time but i know i have to get some sleep before that 6:30-7 am alarm starts up again. :] i try to get out by myself once a week, even if it's just grocery shopping.

  2. I take him everywhere. Maybe leaving him with daddy here and there and doing that would help my sanity. We moms deserve a pat on the back don't we?!


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