Monday, September 26, 2011

They Say A Picture Says It All

Today our pup, Jerry, was taken to the vet and came back a few ounces lighter...if you know what I mean. Hopefully, this will keep our pup closer to home. All night he has been a bit groggy and laying in one spot...but then came up to me with the saddest eyes ever and wimpered. He didn't have to go potty or need some water (we were supposed to limit him so he wouldn't get sick)...he just wanted to tell me he didn't feel well! Aaaww! Of course I cupped his puppy face in my hands and laid on the floor with him petting him for probably over an hour. But I'm sure in a few days he'll feel better.

I don't know how many more "sunny" days there are left before the terrible Santa Ana winds come through and make it miserable to be I made sure to spend a lot of time outside with Eli today. We woke up and ate our breakfast outside watching the birds hop from each of the feeders I have. I am a huge bird person as told in this post. Later, after Eli played in the sprinklers, we went to the Library (our favorite place that is FREE!) and spent a relaxing afternoon racing Dad's RC car. Now the "weekend" is done for us (Justin had Friday thru Monday off) we have to get back to business as usual. But these last few days have been so warm, relaxing and the quality time we had as a family was priceless.

(Side note: Lately has been absolutely awful for Eli taking naps...or rather me. He has made sure to fight nap after nap...but since Justin is home now we are back on track. I let him sleep with me the last few weeks since daddy was gone and he had a chest cold, so getting him to sleep in his crib has since been impossible! This afternoon, I thought would be the same but he fussed and then went out! YAY! )


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