Thursday, September 15, 2011

Two Nights

of fun and time with family. Dinner and a walk around Bass Pro Shop (which is the best store for anyone with an outdoor hobby). After dinner, at a restaurant with lots of fish tanks to keep Eli preoccupied, we walked around the gigantic store looking at all the fake animals and merchandise we didn't need...Eli delighted in the fact he could run around and check everything out. I delighted in the fact that there was someone to take a load off me! Haha
He does so great at restaurants. He just shovels food in and watches Mickey Mouse(the only time he gets to is on my phone) with a straw in one hand...happy kid! ---Funny thing. My mom was like "oooh the kids menu has mac and cheese!" I feed him whatever I eat. We ate Salmon, Mashed potatoes and veggies. Go me.

Add this to his wish list for Xmas Grandma!

Being Silly

Grandma was trying to make him believe all the animals were real. Hehe

He loved the wind chime section. I'm set on getting some as soon as I have a life savings..they're soo expensive!

Riding bikes through the store...a lot of fun!
The second night of fun was similar...just an outing with family. This time we went to the new house my parents have bought (escrow close already!) and wriggled our feet in its cushy carpet and ran from closet to closet and bedroom to each one placing imaginary furniture and decor. Soon. Soon. Then we enjoyed dinner together at Famous Dave's BBQ where all the food is to be eaten with your fingers pretty much and sauce is like the main dish.
Getting out with Eli is so refreshing but exhausting too. Our routine is out the window...which I am fine with because we are making memories! The only way to do that!


  1. things are much more fun without schedules :) or so i say...because i suck at enforcing one!

  2. Right on Jen…schedules are overrated :) Parents who are super scheduled drive everyone else nuts.

  3. Agreed. No schedules, and lots of caffeine and sugar is what I say:)


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