Thursday, October 20, 2011

Benadryl and a Baby

It's 8:30 am and we have just finished breakfast. Eli is still in his jammies and I have just showered. But I am not feeling well so I crawl back in bed while Eli plays in his room (right across from mine). I think what could he get into? Everything is put away. I get up twice to check in on him and he is fine, just playing away. Then I distract myself by calling my mom and this is when he decides to be mischievous and get into something other than the five billion toys he has to play with. The diaper bag hangs on a hook in his room and in it I keep diapers (duh), clothes, a bib, a couple toys aaaand BENADRYL. I catch him at the last moment of it up to his lips---EMPTY. Shock, horror. I throw on my clothes and grab his bag and rush him to the ER. I know that the bottle only was a little over a quarter of the way full because I had dosed him at 8:30 and it had been that (he has allergies and that was what the Dr. recommended.) He had seen me put it back and remembered it. And wouldn't you know it has a delicious cherry flavor?! of course.
They attach all the necessary monitoring things to his chest and toe. Then ask us to---wait.
5 Hours of waiting.
He had taken just below the toxic limit...not even a dose large enough for an adult (whew) and so they didn't feel it necessary to pump his tummy.
The first two hours were nerve racking and he did get sleepy and fall asleep...which they expected.
We finally get home and what do I find? A puddle of Benadryl in a corner in his room. He hadn't taken much of it and so the whole thing was just precaution and he would have been fine.
But I am fine with the fifty dollar co-pay that I just threw away to make sure my baby was safe. What a day, a lesson learned for sure. I hugged him tighter and just realized that he has become so much smarter and mischievous than I thought. Needless to say ALL medicine has been moved.


  1. annnd welcome 2 motherhood :) but ur an awsome mommy and this phase shall 2 pass, then u'll miss it....oo eli ur gonna make mama broke

  2. ohh scary! seems like there's a story for every new mom like that. i can't wait for my "experience" (VERY sarcastic tone) which welcomes me into toddler-dome.

  3. Did my comment even make sense? it's been a long day...NOT as long as yours though!

  4. om my gosh glad he is ok! Poor guy he looks so tired in bed. This kind of stuff scares me so bad so hope nothing like this happens to me! Luckly eli has a great mom!

  5. i'm glad it was a false alarm !! sometimes you don't realize what needs to be moved/put up until something happens. just the other day at my mother-in-law's house, brett comes walking out with a vicodin in his hand ! we all jumped up and ran to the bedroom to find that he had dumped her purse over. luckily, she accounted for all the medications so we knew he hadn't taken anything. he sure likes to tattle on himself and bring you the things he should NOT be playing with !! eli is going to get a whole lot more mischievous so watch out ! :]

  6. Jen, totally made sense...still not getting any sleep? Yes, I know we have just entered not looking forward to anything else of this sort! Jamie, how scary! At least he tattles! Thank you all for the encouragement and concern. It means a lot to be told this stuff happens...I beat myself up all day yesterday. Just so happy that it was something I learned from and not the really hard way.


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