Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A few things I want for my house!

Some people love fashion-some love art-some love sports----I love a clean house. (well, among other things)...

I am fall cleaning (yes, there's spring cleaning..which I sort of find interesting because then summer is here and you find yourself gone all the time anyways...but fall cleaning, now that makes sense. Colder weather forces you indoors more and then you have to stare at all the mess all winter...well, no...not me! I have been cleaning cob webs, windows, name it. But I am getting overwhelmed. So I have a project a week (a big one) and then try limiting myself to doing certain things on certain days (laundry on Thursdays, etc) just so I can accomplish more. Today was the stove and oven. Moms need to discover this product when tackling grime and grease.

Grease Grizzly 32oz
And I am sort of obsessed with the idea of organizing Eli's closet in this way. That is once I figure out where to put all the toys and other things we just can't live without. That is our next project..household closet organization.
Kids Storage Organizer- 12 Bins- NaturalAlso this toy bin organizer. I originally wanted this toy box and it can be engraved with his name...but since seeing how toys need to be accessible...I have opted for an open one.

Aubrie Shoe Storage BenchI'm obsessing about this shoe organizer. Especially with winter coming.

I also like the idea of this fold away fort for little ones. With colder weather coming, we're gonna have to get creative.
I've also been trying to figure out how to re-purpose our changing table. Maybe I can use it as a shelf for books and toys with little baskets...but if I had a little girl I would definitely love -this idea! So any ideas on how I can re-purpose his changing table???We still try and use it but it is pretty much at the end of its diaper changing life...ideas ideas???


  1. lately once i start cleaning i never stop! weird how when youre a mom it becomes a feel-good thing to do :) i think the basket idea is great...boy or girl!

  2. i didn't know people still manually cleaned their ovens ! lol we just put the self clean on, especially in the winter since it's on for like three hours and heats the house. it does a better job than i ever could. :] i used to enjoy cleaning our apartment, but now that i have a 2-story house, not so much. :-/ i just do my best to keep up with the dirt/dog hair, kitchen and bathrooms.


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