Monday, October 10, 2011

My Brother's Wedding

Edwards Mansion is a beautiful place in itself, but add a beautiful couple to the setting and it is made that much more. My brother Brandon and Sam, his fiance of four years were married  there yesterday. Our families are mixed. My mom married his dad. My mom had four children, and his dad had two...they married and six soon became eight when my parents welcomed twins a year later! BIG family! That first year was tough (maybe even the ones after) but we got through those sibling fights and trials and we are close because of it. We never refer to each other as step brothers and sisters or step dad- step mom. We earned each other!
The wedding was absolutely beautiful and set at dusk right before the sun set. They exchanged beautiful personalized vows with a little giggle from Sam here and there that showed the love and humor they share in their relationship. I always love witnessing that between two people in love. There was food, dancing, drinks and family! What could be more fun?!
Before the ceremony, just some pics

Some pics of my sister Linda and her boyfriend Nik with LeiAna
I love the one of Eli and LeiAna holding hands♥

Continued, there were a lot of cute ones for them:)
Parents of the Groom(looking good!)My oh my does my family clean up well!
Along with Uncle George and Eli:)

Randy the Best Man (my other brother whom we don't call step:) )
The Ceremony
She looked stunning and Brandon looked mesmerized!
So incredibly sweet!

Beautiful setting and venue!
They had a candy station (which of course I loved!)

We love to act silly together! And might I add that we look
pretty good doing it?!
Cake time! It was soo delicious! Red Velvet with a butter cream frosting
And not that icky fondant cake stuff---creamy, moist, delicious cake!!!

 Justin took Eli for a majority of the night so I could socialize with
my family and have some drinks. Eli was digging his time with
daddy. He did pretty well and made it to a whole 9:30!
Oh yeah, we still got it! So great that we got to dance together!
DANCE time!
Don't you love the one of Eli and LeiAna dancing?!
My brother, Matthew, on the right was pretty amazing at shuffling.
What a great time!

You can see what a great time we all had, right?! Beautiful Wedding!


  1. looved it!! what a beautiful wedding! i love the pix of u guys dancing, looks like u guys hadda ton of fun

  2. looks like it was a great wedding ! :] how do you do that collage thing with the pictures ??

  3. I edit all my photos there and under the create tab you can put create picture collage. Then choose which collage style and pics you want. Pretty neat! I love doing it when I have a lot of like photos but don't want to excluded any, like this...for example:)

  4. ohhhhh, awesome !! thanks ! :] i have a lot of pics, too, and feel the same way about not wanting to exclude any because of the amount i have. :]


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