Friday, October 21, 2011

A Pumpkin for Two Little Punkins

Last weekend we babysat my niece LeiAna who just turned two. She is a little fire cracker! Just like her mommy! In just one night she showed Eli all the potential dangers in the house (which we were sure were baby proofed). Turns out if you just climb over baby gates they're not effective.  Instead of pulling my hair out at home with two toddlers, Justin and I decided to make a fun outing with them to Oak Glen Orchards and let them pick apples (which we didn't end up doing :(  ) and see some animals. We watched a short pirate show and then let them walk around. Ironically, we ran into Justin's brother, Jared, which was awesome because we don't see him too often. Afterwards, we went to an amazing pumpkin patch that I am going to insist we go to much fun. There were all sorts of carnival activities, a petting zoo, a real pumpkin patch where you could literally go get your own pumpkin, and so many booths with face paint, yummy food, one you could take your picture with a know the usual stuff..haha. What a great time! But I will say two toddlers is is exhausting....two is exhausting..oh yeah, I said that. Really! Kind of makes me REALLY want to stick to my plan on waiting to have more. But they get along quite well and had so much fun--- so it was worth it.

We love having our neices with us, and getting to be auntie and Uncle...spoil 'em rotten!


  1. we went to a pumpkin patch last weekend and we are going again because the farm was so big we never even found the pumpkins! yea for awesome pumpkin farms! i love autumn :)

  2. those are cute pictures ! :] we haven't gone to our little pumpkin patch up here, yet, because brett was sick. hoping to go on monday so we have time to carve some pumpkins and bake seeds. mmmmm !!! :]

  3. We had babies melting down so we didn't get one of the reasons I want to go back!

  4. We have a great one here too! SO fun, but we couldn't stay long because of the heat! Did end up with a GIANT pumpkin though---can't wait to carve that sucker open! SUCH beautiful photos LeiShell!!! LOVE THEM!


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