Sunday, October 2, 2011

To Dress or Not to Dress

In the next couple weeks there are so many little events to attend where I need to take my attire into account whether seriously or unseriously. I hate shopping. I love new things, but the whole "shopping" thing makes me tired and I always seem to forget something.
Next Saturday I have a wedding to attend (my younger brother is getting married) and I have yet to get a dress. I am always so last minute too! I liked what this site had to say about how it is trickier to dress for weddings than most think. I love shopping online for things because it is so fast and easy, but when it comes to clothing, dresses in particular I have to be in person. I'm not sure where to go. I really like this  purple dress since it will be an evening wedding, but now that we are approaching the deadline, I can't order it! UGH. I hate shopping!
But I did order costumes for halloween. We never did halloween growing up and I know why. I am determined to leave the ghosts and vampires out...but I think innocent dressing up is fine. Just never expect any halloween decor out front of my house; I will never go that far!


  1. not do halloween!? we decorate around here with pumpkin straws...wish we could do more though lol. i know nordstrom is pricey but... you'll find a dress there. easy! wish i lived closer to shop with you :)

  2. I hope so Jen! That would,be great, then you could just tell me what to get:)

  3. that purple dress would look so good on you !!! every wedding i have been to in the past couple years i have had to be IN, so i didn't have a choice. be happy you can choose whatever you want ! haha :] anything you pick will be great. :]

  4. Jen, can you just shop for us and then send it all our way? That would be best….seriously. No, I'm serious. Personal shopper? Yeah??!!? LeiShell I didn't know you didn't do halloween!?!?!? I like decorating for fall more so than Halloween but we always had such a great time doing it all when we were growing up! What about Ross for a dress? Ten bucks…can't beat that!

  5. Yep, we never did it growing up...but I do love fall decorations:) And Ross didn't have anything:( But I did find one!!!

  6. yea for finding a dress! and haha, i would love to be your personal shopper annie, you have such a cute body that everything would look good on you


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