Sunday, November 6, 2011

Chicken Tacos and Mac 'N' Cheese

Snow falling should be the que to relax and take in the beauty, put aside the chores and stay in jammies all day. I will admit that is what I love about it. And then of course I have seen it so many times that the sight of it sort of depresses me because I know that means that freedom outside of the house is harder to come by...
I felt the "itch" today. I couldn't sit still or relax. I wanted to go out and do things but we are ill prepared for the weather and while we have a jacket and mittens for Eli he is still lacking the proper winter attire....

In the evening I made Tacos for dinner but decided that the spiciness of them wouldn't be good for Eli and made him his own separate dinner of macaroni and cheese with broccoli and chicken. And since we let nothing go to waste here we added some mac and cheese to our own taco plates (weird combo)...Eli is such a good  lil eater. It takes him about 45 minutes to eat a meal but he almost always finishes. It makes me proud that he eats mostly whatever we eat with exception of tonight!

(And on an entirely different note. I really am struggling with this blog tonight. I want to write about my precious Eli and how he lights up my world among other things...but I just feel slouchy.
I wish I knew what it was that is getting me so down lately. Maybe the weather or like I told in this blog post about needing change is what has made me feel this way. I had a hard time cleaning or accomplishing anything today because I just had this lump in my throat all day. It's like depression or something. :( I'm hoping an outing tomorrow as a family and putting aside my feelings for a day will help. I think I just need to stay distracted.)


  1. ugh i hate bummer days that leave you in a slump, they are the worst! hope you feel better soon :)

  2. Don't you worry Pretty lady! I will be there to cheer you up in two days!!!!!

  3. it's probably mostly the weather getting colder and the fact that you're kinda stuck at home with your street torn up right now. also, when your hubby is working a lot, you should try and get out as much as possible to be around friends and family ! i was home by myself with brett his first year and bud would come home exhausted so i would never ask him to help with anything during the week. it was really stressful on me because i was always so tired and never wanted to leave the house when i really needed to !! you're always welcome to come down here if you need to get off the mountain and want a play date. :] i can't guarantee you'll leave our house dog hair free, but that's what lint rollers are for, right ? :]


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