Friday, November 11, 2011

Capturing Life

Just a little Beauty to brighten your day...I know it did mine.

How'd he get in there???!!! (well, he DOES make me happy)
 Taking pictures is so therapeutic for me. I love capturing beauty or a smile, a kiss, or that unaware look that people give but then it turns out to be the best picture of them----I love capturing LIFE. It is so fleeting and just a memory once that moment has passed, but with a photo it is captured forever...something you can relive over and over when you look at it. Proof that it happened...


  1. those are very beautiful pics ! i love taking pictures, too !!!! :] especially when i get the cutest ones of my son ! i will stare at it for days. :]

  2. hmmmm.... maybe it's just me, but both your blog and jen's the past two days have not wanted to submit my comments even though it says they did. :-/ what i thought i posted earlier was:

    those are beautiful pictures ! i love taking pictures, too !!! :] especially when i get really good shots of my son. i look at them for days. :]


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