Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Proud mommy

The last couple months have been so fun to watch Eli grow. The development is crazy! I just stare at him and wonder how in the heck I/we created such a smart handsome boy! A few of my favorite things he is doing right now...

We ask him daily (a few times actually) what each animal sounds like...for instance, "what does a lion say?" And he answers "rawr!"---"what does a horse say?!" "yeeheeee hee he!" He knows about ten different animal noises. AMAZING

There are times when he gets really quiet and I go searching for him because I'm worried he's in the bathroom unraveling the toilet paper roll...but then I find him in his room with a stack of cars and a race track zooming them on it with the appropriate noises "vrrrooom vrooom".

I am not sure I love this but he definitely is coming into his own personality and age....he fake cries. Really. Anytime he doesn't get his way or isn't happy with something he makes sure to sound just like one of those baby dolls..."waahaaahhaaaa". Makes me laugh out loud every time.

He used to be satisfied with playing inside with a couple toys but if we don't go outside at least once a day he totally acts out. He even gets his shoes for me so that we can go! (how in the world could I say no?! and with colder weather eventually coming we take at least one walk a day around our neighborhood...and he actually walks, no stroller....can we say awesome naps?!)

Aaand the one that gets me the most is how he knows how much I love his hugs and kisses. Whenever he is being totally sweet or wants something he goes out of his way to climb into my lap and wrap his arms around me and he says "aaaaaawwwww" when he does it. I really really love this more than anything. This age is kind of tiring and challenging since he can't always express himself and throws a fair amount of tantrums each day but when he does this is recharges me...I love my job.

He threw himself on the ground because one of his toys wouldn't "cooperate"...aaaah, love him.


  1. look at all of his teeth! lincoln doesn't even have one :)

  2. 14 teeth with two more coming in!!! He will get them soon enough!!! Consider yourself lucky since he can't bite you!


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