Friday, November 4, 2011

Snow Day!

SO with a snow day and a sleeping babe...I've had time to browse the internet for some random things and things that either caught my eye or I am dying to try or have. I also baked four batches of chocolate chip cookies, two of which I burnt while browsing...haha
Boooooots! I need some boots soo bad!

Acorn Cookie Kisses Yummy, I am so excited to do these for Thanksgiving.

Beautiful Hair style I tried over and over to achieve this but I lack the coordination!

Makeup I love this makeup and I want this stuff to achieve a natural glowy look.

Baking Supplies to always keep on hand I found myself wanting to get in my kitchen and bake but was out of many necessary ingredients.

These Flats or These furry ones :) (in gray though)I really want shoes can you tell?

More boooots! These ones would be more practical than the other ones since it is SNOWING today!

A Hat For Eli!!! Need I say more???

Family Portrait??? LOL

A Craft For Eli and I Perfect for Thanksgiving fave holiday.

Tell me this isn't awesome? Best way to store kids stuffed animals!
A little video post Halloween that made me crack up!


  1. i really like those moccasin slippers! so cute :)

  2. ohhhh my goodness... my hubby and i could not stop laughing at that family portrait photo !!! lol people think of the weirdest things ! that stuffed animal holder is super cute. :] and i totally can't wait to try those acorn kisses, too ! people are so creative it makes me a little sick... ;]

  3. Agreed Jamie! I browse and find things that I would never think of! The acorn kisses look so easy, so gotta try those! That family portrait was a maybe with a baby but a whole family?! Haha


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