Friday, November 18, 2011

Thursday Bowling

Yesterday,  in an attempt to break up the monotony in our week we decided to go bowling....with Eli. He had been super grumpy all day from cutting tooth number 15 &16 (which are through, yay!) and so I was not sure how he would handle it. He wasn't his usual chipper self, but he still enjoyed it....And Justin and I realized that our game needs a lot of work; it has been too long since we went! (Our first date was at a bowling alley with 7 other of my friends!) Afterwards, we went to McDonald's (of all places) to get some dessert since nothing else was open (and even if it were where is there a decent restaurant in Crestline, really???) Fun night...we even saw a skunk meandering through town. Justin wanted to stop and check it out...but I was like "no way, keep going, what if it sprays us?!"


  1. rock that top knot!!! oh my gosh it looks fantastic!

  2. awwww - that looks fun ! good old rim lanes ! :] (is it still called that ? i don't even know.)

  3. I don't exactly know Jamie! Haha, funny I didn't even pay attention! It was fun though! And Jen, thank you! My husband said he liked it too and that made me feel pretty great.:)

  4. seriously, your hair looks perfect and i love your shirt. the bowling ally has the best shirley temples too! just sayin

  5. Haha, gotta try that Lauren! Thanks!


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