Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Thoughts

This week has been us just trying to get back into the groove of our routines and start the Christmas planning, card making and house cleaning. With as much as my husband works, it makes it easy and hard to accomplish things...I don't have any plans in a day so if I wanted to stay in my jammies, rock out to Sprout TV with Eli and say screw house work I totally could...but the stir craziness I get keeps me moving most days---I said most days. The other night after the house was all in order and Eli was fed and bathed...I lit some candles and put on some Michael Buble Christmas music (if you don't have this cd, you should!). A song with a beat came on and I swooped Eli up and danced with him for four whole songs. He looked in my eyes with such joy, love...amazement...his mom was fun! We had this moment I can't really describe. I've had many over the course of his 17 months where my heart feels overwhelmed...then tears. I had that moment in the living room holding his whole 25lbs in my arms, feet dangling past my waist, him throwing his head back with moving my feet and hips to the beat. It was magic. Then I thought....I should dance more, procrastinate more, eat more cookies, lay on the floor being silly without an agenda. I think that is what most people love about the holidays. The nostalgia you should feel all year is wrapped up into one holiday, where the vast majority of people "get it" and take that time to procrastinate and enjoy. Suddenly families are in the kitchen together baking cookies, blasting Christmas music, decorating their homes and lawns with twinkly lights and ridiculous reindeers,  laughing together....something that we would love to do all year, but don't.
This year Justin and I have opted not to spoil Eli with a mass amount of gifts that will only last him so long before we're trying to figure out where to put them later. Growing up our families didn't do Christmas until we got older. His family was Jehova's Witness(not anymore, a decision he made as a teen) and mine was just really large so Christmas was hard on my parents to do a lot. I am thankful for that though since I have a value for hard work and not having everything. I think kids today are ungrateful and spoiled for the most part, something our society makes us feel we need to do in order to be "good" parents. But I want to show Eli the other side to Christmas, so this year we are going to volunteer somewhere or help some families in need. I want my son to feel compassion for others and know what this holiday really means. I love giving gifts and the sentiment, so we still include that...but I appreciate my parents for not giving us everything we wanted growing up. ----Just some of my thoughts tonight ;)

This is Eli last year...five months old. Where does the time go?!?!
So many of my friends are baby hungry right now. Well, this video did that to made me want Eli to be a baby again! LOL


  1. that's all you have to do - just watch old footage from when they are soo little and you can't help but miss it! ;)

  2. He's sooo cuuute! I want baby Eli too!!! And a baby Jackson, and a baby Lincoln too!!!! Can't believe how fast it's gone!

  3. i love dancing with brett ! and when he shakes his little butt it gets me every time. :] that video is soo cute !!

  4. Aaaw, thank you! Dancing babies are pretty adorable!


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