Friday, December 16, 2011

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!

We're busy creating Christmas magic and memories over here...and Michael Buble Christmas Album on  repeat is helping, as well as the last few dustings of snow we've had this week. I've held off on majorly decorating since Eli is at that fun age of toddler destruction--nothing is safe. But for some reason I got this itch to decorate our tree even with meddling hands making each ornament beg for mercy in his chubby little fingers. The death toll only reached about 5, so I'd say pretty successful tree decorating day all in all!

And the snow (Eli's first real experience) got us to bundle up and search three different stores for a sled. Not that it needed to be like the Darth Vader 3000 (I made that up) but one that would fit two and wouldn't cost us an arm and a leg. The day was a success, as well as the one after (we took him out twice--once to a spot in Twin Peaks and another right across the street from us). I love that we are creating Christmas/ winter memories for him...that's what it's all about!
Right across the street from our house on a small hill, but perfect for him to go down by himself!

He was proud of himself, I think...

My beautiful capture of the week. I will start doing one a week in future blogs...I get some amazing shots!

These are the pictures from the first day of sledding~

He was slightly scared!

Dad throwing him in the air! (heart attack over here!)
He loved it~

Smile says it all. Isn't this what we parents work so hard for?!

Our Family Christmas Card Photo:)


  1. soo cute! i would totally do cute pix of my decor and of the fam, but ive got every1 sick again, so between nate, jujus snf kaylas boogies, brys toilet paper clogging his nose and emilys gross looking pink eye, i really dont think theyd look even sum what as good as yours ;)

  2. cuuute! there's no snow here, i'm jealous!

  3. i love that tree picture. it's beautiful ! :] and the sledding pic above it is adorable !!


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