Saturday, December 17, 2011

"Just for Me"

Every week I indulge on myself and catch up on things "just for me". A few of those things being a facial, manicure, pedicure and body exfoliation. ---It keeps me sane and attractive to my husband ;)

My at home facial:

1)I wash my face thoroughly of all makeup (I like this Aveeno cleanser)

2)Boil an inch of water and put my face over it for five minutes (to open pores)

3) Do any extractions---not so fun.

4) Face mask. I like mud ones with natural minerals (like this Artistry cleansing mask has.) I usually leave them on 20 minutes...then rinse with warm water.

5) I don't use this one but every so often since it can dry out the skin...baking soda scrub. 1 tbsp baking soda and a couple dabs of cold water---rub in circular GENTLE motions around the T-Zone (forehead, nose to chin) and rinse with cold water. This closes the pores. You will have the tiniest of pores after doing this!

6)Finish with night cream. I like( oil of olay firming night cream.)

7)In the morning if I am looking tired I soak a cucumber in lemon juice and put on my eyes for 15 can even freeze them and the cold helps too!


  1. i need to start doing that kind of pampering more often ! that sounds nice. :] i will definitely have to try your facial routine !!! and i love mud/clay masks, too. :]

  2. tha sounds awesome! i wanna try the cucumber thing - i usually just rely on more makeup than usual for tired eyes so that sounds way better!

  3. As mommies we often look tired from lack of sleep! I read it is also too much vitamin A too that can cause it. The number one solution though is lots of water! Dang. I have always had to try to have nice skin, so I discovered this after years of trial and error. Number one is always washing your face at night because that's when your cells regenerate!


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