Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sundays are

smooches early in the morning from a cute little face ready and willing to take the day on full force

 realizing that "taking the day" on means lounging in jammies for half the day and then just finding the most comfortable outfit and not caring if it matches, has wrinkles or is something that should have been retired to clothing heaven a long time ago.

browsing the Internet for meal ideas for the week.

making a series of spontaneous phone calls to family and friends.

encouraging play time and sprawling out on the floor with a stack of "noise" puzzles and books, watching your babe get that proud, excited "watch me" look when he gets it right.

making the bed, but just to get back in it to watch movies and snuggle.

for naps. Sleeping next to a warm baby...then waking up and feeling like you barely dozed it was such a good one.

for clearing the mind and beginning the week fresh!

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