Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanksgiving Road Trip-The Last Part

Our last stop before going to my sister's in Phoenix, was Sedona. I have been once to Sedona and remember it being beautiful but there is no familiarity in seeing it just once. I could see it daily and probably still be in awe of how red the dirt is against such a blue sky...maybe the sky isn' really that blue but seems more so against this back drop? Eli had another spout of stomach flu which made it hard to really stay long (after the Grand Canyon we made the two hour drive to Sedona and stayed the night you can't see it.)  We starved ourselves (not Eli) so that we could make room for what else...turkey dinner! It's an hour and a half drive from Sedona to Phoenix and we hoped, prayed we'd get there before Eli got sick again. Well, sure enough at the point where I had taken him out of his car seat to help ease his tummy he spewed all over the clothes I had chosen to wear for Thanksgiving...all down my pants, my belly was horrendous. I love baby wipes...greatest invention ever. We made it to my sister's and enjoyed a delightful feast and her company was much needed after a year of not seeing her. We played Kinect with my nephews and high fived them when they all around relaxing time with family. Towards the end of the night, I felt sick to my stomach and had to lay down. (Saving you from the gross details)...I had caught the flu...on Thanksgiving! Shortly after Justin got sick too. We decided to cut our trip short and save my sister's bathroom from needing to be pressure washed and head home. Such a disappointment. The part of the trip I was most anxious for and it had to be cut short. Our road trip was long, so much driving and hard with a sick baby...but so nice too. I think we will plan another soon...and hopefully we won't get sick!

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  1. that's a big bummer that everyone got sick ! :[ buuuuuut.... you have some memories from this thanksgiving that you won't soon forget !! ;] it'll probably be funny in the future looking back, right ? that's how i try to look at horrible holidays and what not. :]


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