Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanksgiving Road Trip Part One

We're going on a long road trip,
Down the highway we will zip.
I'm chilling here in the back,
Got my movie, got my snack.
Listening to music, just riding along,
Nodding my head, singing a silly song,
Baby sister's next to me in her carseat,
She's cooing, laughing and kicking her feet.
Later on she makes not a peep,
I look at her, she's fast asleep.
That's okay, I've done my share of snoozin,
We keep on cruising, cruisin .....zzz......cruisin... zzzz.

This poem is sort of the epitome of how I want my children to remember trips in the car and going to unknown places as a family. Just being silly and singing, making memories....not caring where the road takes us.
Our road trip had that ideal in mind when we set out...however, didn't have the same vibe as this poem from pretty much the first turn away from the house. Eli had the stomach flu the whole seven hour drive to Flagstaff, AZ where we were going to stay one night and then hit the road to the Grand Canyon. The trip was more like 10 hours since every so often we had to stop to clean up throw up, desperately grabbing a bucket each time his face changed even in the slightest. We went through every baby wipe, towel and clothing in his diaper bag. By the time we arrived in Flagstaff we were smelly, tired and lacking  the road trip enthusiasm we started with. We hoped the next day he would feel more like himself and allow us to sight see just a bit....aaand he did! Upon our check out from our hotel (we stayed for free everywhere since my husband had accrued quite a bit of hotel points from all his stays this summer) the hotel concierge told us a popular touristy spot was SnowBowl. We hadn't had a clue what to expect, a bowl? with snow? I don't want to go sledding... But that drive...the drive into the unknown where you just belt up, put the tunes on and gas it..well, we finally felt that. As we winded up a beautiful road laden with gorgeous pines and white birches that slowly began to take on the elevation, as some were beginning to show little white hats, gave us a clue what we were about to see. At the top was a beautiful summit....and the view to a gorgeous valley. I live in the mountains...I am used to trees and beauty...but this was a different beauty...more like a frontier. Like the kind that settlers must have seen, not even having a clue that when they reached the ridge they would see this.
Next stop---Grand Canyon...but wait I just want to soak this in a minute.

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  1. i miss our road trips to arizona to visit my grandparents. i could never live there with that awful heat but i love to visit ! it's so beautiful. :]


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