Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanksgiving Road Trip Part Two

The Grand Canyon is just that GRAND. I had never been so the excitement was there but I was not entirely prepared for what I was going to see. It is about an hour and a half from Flagstaff. The drive to it passes desert, rocky hills and then right before it the landscape turns to a pine tree forest. I think that is what really surprised me. In pictures the Grand Canyon appears deserty and desolate..but it is just the opposite. It is thriving with life. After walking a concrete trail outlining different plant species and animals inhabiting the canyon...we came upon it. The feeling when you see how vast it spreads...more than a camera lens can really, literally...breathtaking. It takes the breath you were about to exhale and captures it in its large, colorful, painting-like canyon. You have no words. You can literally see in your head God sitting down with a canvas in front of him, scratching his head every so often, smiling to himself as he makes gentle swooshing brush strokes across it-----It is that beautiful.
However, I am DEATHLY afraid of cliffs...not heights in particular..but cliffs. I get sweaty palms and my breathing gets rapid. I guess because I can picture myself slipping from a cracking ledge and plummeting to my death. SO, I would not even go to the rail completely because I kept thinking in my head, what if that goes??? We kept Eli in his stroller for the most part because having him out of it played an even bigger, scarier scenario in my head. He didn't care for that much and really wanted to know why he couldn't climb up the metal railing and inspect the plants right at the edge...I didn't care. I strapped...double strapped...checked, repeated. held his hand at the same time I was pushing the stroller just to be certain. And in all that worry and fear, would you imagine I actually enjoyed myself? I even braved a few feet from the edge to take some pictures...a huge step for me. I loved knowing that in Twenty (maybe less) years Eli will have the pictures to prove he had been to a place that so many other families have been to. It makes me feel as though we are fulfilling our duties as parents...


  1. uuugh i want your hair! like ... can you switch me when i see you over christmas?

  2. awesome pictures ! :] i haven't been to the grand canyon in years but i hope to take brett and bud (he's never been) someday in the near future. :] and now that i have a super nice camera, it'll be even more fun because i can get some great shots like yours ! (instead of using a disposable camera... that's how long it's been since i was there !)


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