Sunday, December 25, 2011

"We Are So Blessed"

I know that to say "We are so blessed" is a slightly over used statement that it doesn't really get the full emphasis as it should---but we are. To be able to delight in Christmas (Our Savior's birth) as a family and share those blessings that He gives us is an amazing thing. By being "blessed" I don't just mean that my husband splurged on gifts for Eli and I this Christmas (getting me a very expensive pair of Ralph Lauren Riding Boots--eeek! and Eli the menagerie of gifts he squealed over) but that we have a home, family and love in our midst this Christmas.
Before the holidays arrived a very sweet girlfriend of mine organized a food drive where we brought non perishable items for the homeless as well as any other items they might need, putting them in backpacks after so they have a way to carry them better. We keep the bags in our car until someone of need is seen and then we hand them out. After two weeks of not seeing one person in need and kind of, sort of desperately wanting to find one...we did on Christmas Eve. Such a time to be going without, but so many are. We also get the names of these people so we can pray for them and also to remind them that people care who they are...being on the streets would be a very lonely nameless place. We gave a bag to Lewis and to John...and then included them personally in our prayers. The Lord wants us to do his work and I felt that I was when giving those bags out. I felt that for all the blessings I have and take for granted this reminds me to stay grounded and remember that we are all just a home a way from the could happen to any of us. So, to judge them and say that we ought not to help them because they got themselves there over drugs or whatever else, is not our place...but our King's. All He asks of us is to live our lives for Him and love the way that He does.


  1. very well said ! i wasn't in a position to help anyone this season but next year i definitely want to get back into donating to toys for tots. it is such a great feeling to know you are helping others and showing you care. brett has that cat truck and loves it. :] also, if that leap frog connects to the computer, make sure you personalize it ! brett loves the leap frog toys that say his name and other family members'. :]

  2. ok so eli, just grew up over nite! what the heck?! y does he looks so darn big, and he looks like hes got the funniest little personality...i love it

  3. I know, right?! They grow too fast!


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