Friday, December 23, 2011

We wish we had a five year old....

It's like Christmas Eve here tonight since tomorrow Eli will get to open lots of gifts at Grandma's house tomorrow. The excitement I feel for him might as well be me getting gifts-I can't wait to see his face light up! The last two days we have had my niece, Malakai, who is 5 and quite a smart little one. She loves to play with him and keeps him entertained for hours. The joy (and relief) we had from them playing together made us feel that our decision to wait to have more children is validated...even with the pressures of most of my friends wanting more. She can clean up his messes, keeps him out of things he isn't supposed to be in and plays with him without us worrying if he's getting bitten or hurt like he does when children his age are around. And she teaches him things- like last night she was break dancing to the music on "The X Factor" show...Eli caught on and was trying desperately to mimic her moves. We saw a side to him we've never seen!---a silly, I am big side. He loves to dance but the moves he was pulling out were clearly not of his own rhythm, but hers---soo incredibly funny and entertaining to watch.
After a quick errand to the store tonight, I could hear them making quite a racket as I came in the door. Justin had them lined up in a drumming band line marching through the house with flutes, drums and shakers. It never ceases to amaze me how fast our son is growing and how he catches on to things around him.

Preparations for Christmas have been made and now to just relax and breathe in the moments that make memories to last a lifetime...It's easy when you have this in your life..
----And this Pinterest Inspiration was a hit today. You can clearly see why:)

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  1. sooo cute!! and there it something about the 5 year old, they are awesome helpers and r pretty darn funny...and ive been wanting 2 do this pinterest snacks 2 :)


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