Monday, December 19, 2011

We're Crafty

Some days just drag by....that's when it's important to find things to keep Eli and I busy. Sometimes we just color pages in a coloring book, me staying in the lines and him staying in the floor. (Back on the paper big guy). Today I just got a great idea for displaying our photos which were taken during the last snow; a paper chain with our photos attached to it. My thinking was that it would create some "Christmas-y decor in our home and be cute to see all our beautiful snow memories hanging.

I just used scrapbook paper (I always have lots of random paper) which is 12" by 12" and spaced them 2" apart and the cut. Once cut, I stapled them end to end and then linked them together as I went, rotating the different color papers I had to make it even. Then I printed out my favorite pictures, used a round scalloped punch to make the corners look fancy and hole punched a hole in each picture as well as the paper chain garland---and attached them with scrap ribbon I had on hand. Easy and cute. I love our photos being displayed this way. I think this would be cute for baby shower belly pics of the mom or even birthday parties!


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