Friday, December 30, 2011

We've Gone Organic...and HEALTHY!

It's amazing what a little educating and a few google searches can do...

The result is our decision to go organic, introduce more fruits and vegetables into our diet, less meat (not for EVERY meal), and cutting back on processed, starchy, just add water types of foods. I've always sort of gawked at the thought of organic eating--isn't it just more expensive???
The truth is yes, but the amount of tampering is less and the vitamin content higher. A show about how our tomatoes are grown, packaged and brought to the consumer really opened my eyes. They are mass grown and genetically messed with so they are larger and redder, but not necessarily healthier. Then they are rinsed in a bleach water solution and packaged green before they ripen and get to the consumer. If you have ever had home grown tomatoes you can definitely tell the difference...they taste better...but are also better for you.
This doesn't stop with just produce...meat....well, it needs to keep coming so that the world isn't hungry. You want bigger chicken breasts? Sure. Just pump them full of hormones and feed them so much corn that they get so big they can only walk a few feet....that is if they are even allowed to roam...most are kept in cages or small crowded pins until they are ready to be made food.
I am not a vegan, or vegetarian...but I do believe in the way God intended for us to obtain our food. He respects animals and life, so should we.
Our decision here to eat organic extends to mostly everything we can eat that way, as well as trying to eat free range. The biggest changes thus far are organic eggs, milk and chicken being that a Trader Joe's isn't close :( Amazing that for all my life I never ate organic, or even made the majority of my diet fresh and unprocessed --- and then it just clicked when Justin came to me with video after video and said, "are you on board?" ---"Yesss."
I love my husband and how hard he works..but with that comes neglect for himself. He decided to go on a juice cleanse (they last 60 days) but he is working on a week. A pretty grueling diet, really...but so incredibly healthy. He just candidly said he wants to live to see his son have children...and avoid colon cancer, heart attacks and other life threatening illnesses. The hormones and pesticides build up in our bodies just like poison. We are seeing a record amount of cancer just here in America...a country that thrives on food.
And while I thoroughly enjoy cookies, macaroni and cheese and so many other delectable foods...the bigger picture includes a better diet...the pyramid. I am also motivated to give our son the best diet possible as well as balancing it..if that means packing a lunch instead of going through a drive-thru...we will!
I am still in the process of educating myself on this new venture that for sure will affect my grocery shopping and meal planning...but it feels good to invest in our health. After all, we have no problem spending money on ourselves for what we can see (loving my new cute boots, btw), so investing in our health (the part we can't see) makes perfect sense!


  1. i give u major props lady.. u r an awesome mom and wife :) keep up the good work <3

  2. i totally used to be the same - thought organic was stupid, etc...until i had a baby and realized that apples have over 52 different pesticides on them and that they could possibly give lincoln food poisoning. insane how different things are than years ago when there were actually farms!

  3. 52 pesticides?! Eeek...convinced!


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