Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Being Intentional About God

After reading the book Heaven is For Real, I found myself envisioning heaven and meeting my maker for the first time (ever) in a real way. I was raised with the Lord in my home and have sought him on and off over the years, but once reading this very awe inspiring paper back book of a child's near death experience and his encounter with Jesus (who is just as magnificent as we all imagine him to be)..I prayed differently...real.prayer.humble.prayer. He was my creator but also my father, friend and someone who loves me infinitely more than I will ever deserve. If you haven't read this book I encourage you to do so. It is about a day read...(if you have little ones to chase after), otherwise, you could finish it in hours!

Since then, I have been making it more of a point to get our tired selves to church and not out of obligation, but because I literally cannot wait to! The sermons in church have been as though God took our pastor aside and told him...this is what she needs this week. I always find it amazing that when you listen not just hear God's word what He offers.

 There are also so many questions that even I have for our why did He create me? Did He create me to have me worship and show Him that not vain?! Our pastor touched on that very subject...but just as he was about to say what it was that God created us for (in his biblical words) that I was buzzed on my pager to get Eli in the nursery, who was getting too fussy to handle (he still hasn't adjusted to being left and the crocodile tears flow pretty heavily). It bugged me all afternoon that I missed that part. Then as I laid down Eli for his nap after church, and kissed him so tenderly, with so much love it overwhelmed... I suddenly felt God give me the answer.

 So here it is---Why do we have babies and create families? Is it vain of us to lay with our husbands in the sole purpose for creating a new life in our image (hoping..will he/she have my features/personality traits, will he/she be successful?, who will he/she be?) We do it out of love. We want to give love...a love that can be unparalleled by anything else on this earth. We want success, growth, health, morality...we just simply want to watch that child be...just as God wants for us. He wants the best for seek a path of joy, love, integrity, growth--- and most of all for us to love Him back. Would it not break your heart to have a child who turned his/her back on you? The same goes for God. I hope this makes as much sense to you as it does to me--- And I'm not living that luke warm life for God with one foot in the door with the other doing as I please anymore.

I ask him..."where and how do you want me to be today?"

 Church Sermon---Being Intentional About Family Relationships.
A great sermon...I encourage taking the time to watch.


  1. Such a great post and very enlightening! Isn't it wonderful when God gives us a series that speaks right to our hearts! I have this book, but haven't read it yet. I think I may start tonight :)
    Bennett Love

    1. Thank you! I think you'll love the book:)

  2. and ya know what? i think it's important to remember that even if we don't feel like we're getting a lot out of church on occasional sundays, it's still important to be there because that's where we are supposed to be and what brings the spirit into our homes and makes the sabbath holy :) at least that's what im going through lately!


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